Who We Are



Aisiri offers a series of Agricultural Training Packages in variant subjects related to Integrated Farming Sector. Opportunity for open discussions, Interactive Sessions with Eligible and Professional Trainers can lead every Individual to perfection in the Respective fields of Interest.

If interested to learn at your own Time and convenience with nationally acclaimed Gurus, then ...Yes!! we are here to support you in every aspect. Come!! Join us for the bright future of You and our Nation. Let’s work and grow together leading Country towards creating Farming Revolution.


  • Driving Sustainability
  • Absolute Integrity in all We Do
  • Committed towards Farmer’s Success
  • Innovation for Change in farming
  • Passion for Every Acre
  • Provide mass market


We are Private Organization with its Research Centre located at Bengaluru. We work for farmers, Entrepreneurs, Private sector employees to strengthen their knowledge by organizing Trainings, job oriented courses related to Agriculture, visits to lands under “Integrated Farming”

Join Us to unite farmers on Globe that will create wave in Sustainable Agricultural Sector leading to Farming Revolution and All Green Future.

Green is Life…. That’s what we believe in.