Our History



We, people from mind ovation are from different Backgrounds clubbed together for the good cause.

Agriculture being the vital practice from soo many decades is getting a new dimension technologically.

An age old practice is getting new twist scientifically and is making people easy to understand and adopt it.

We, Mind Ovations are ready with a backup of technically sound dignitaries who have created history out of their experiences in the field of Agriculture.

Pandemic situation was soo worst that has led every individual to suffer from financial crisis and many have died.

Mind Ovation have come across with innovative ideas and practice to help poor farmers lead more valuable and respectful life. Financial stability is one of the root causes for taking up this initiative of farming revolution globally. We are also in the process of bringing every individual farmer under one roof which will again give him support in terms of work.

In every business marketing place very crucial and important role to generate revenue so we are register organizations with all legal compliances that will support every farmer in his or her business.

We provide local, national & international market to the by products of agriculture and animal husbandry in support of genuine agencies across globe